Hotel Marketing services that transform businesses

We explore and design new ways for you to reach, connect, and build relationships with your customers across digital channels.

Individual approach.
No hidden fees.
No long-term contracts.
Fixed cost.

We are a full service digital marketing consultancy specializing in Social Media and Marketing, Branding, Web Design for Hotels & other small/medium sized businesses.

We have multiple options to fit your needs:

I. Done for you Packages
II. 101 Training
III. SELF-School




I. Done for you Packages

Social Media Marketing Package 

We will manage all your social media platforms, including TripAdvisor. We will grow and engage with your audience and make sure your content gets in front of the right audience.

We research your competitors and make sure your content is more exciting and relevant to your customers. Sounds good? For details get in touch!

. . .

Social Media & Online Marketing

You will get full Social Media Marketing support and our online marketing support too for total online outreach and customer growth, direct booking increase, and total customer satisfaction.

We can also help you with repositioning and rebranding, revenue strategy implementation and much more!

Marketing made easy with our help.

Social Media, Online Marketing & Branding Ultimate Package

Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing and full Re-Branding of your business. We are going to support you every step of the way to find your unique voice and the right people who will be your loyal customers.

A Whole New World Package 

Are you starting a new business or you feel your business is outdated or just want to try something completely new? We will help and manage everything. From Branding to web design to Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing. We will build a whole new and successful world for you and your business.


101 Training  (6 Month, 2x2Hours/Week)

Master Your ONLINE Skills. Intensive online training to level up your Social Media and Online Marketing skills. Learn a crucial and fun new skill and dominate the market in your area. With our 101 training, you get full attention and time for any of your questions.

III. SELF-School

Online Triggers’ SELF-School

Are you a born autodidact and prefer to learn on your own? Our Self-School package is here to help you learn how to master your ONLINE Skills and be a social media and online marketing wizard.  Through our e-Book, and Video courses you will learn how to manage your business’ Online Marketing side.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Contact us and tell us what do you need help with!

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