About Online Triggers

About Online Triggers

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What are online triggers? What makes someone tick and hit the buy button? How to replace negative triggers with positive triggers? Do you know how to recharge, disconnect, and create a relaxed at-home working environment with an atmosphere that motivates you and increases productivity? We’re here to help you take advantage of the opportunities of the online world and what an online/remote business can offer to take control and to create abundance and happiness in your work and life.

You’ll find here info about how to create your own business website, blog, online store, as well as how to manage and grow your branding, social media, and SEO. You’ll find here guides, tips, and curated lists about the best ways to make money online and help to find the best fit for you. Learn how to make money online by building a store, a blog, or starting a creative business and work remotely from wherever you like.

We provide info about the best online business courses, business books, and share inspirational and motivational business quotes to help you keep going when you need a little extra support.

We also want to help fellow entrepreneurs and small independent business owners with creating a healthy and happy office space. You’ll also find here help with improving your business travel experiences. As well as travel guides for business travelers, and business hotels, retreats that will help you relax while working.
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You are what you eat. Learn how to fuel your body and mind with delicious and healthy plant based food. Create delicious breakfasts, work lunches, and mouthwatering dinners in less than 30 minutes. Learn about meal prep and meal planning to build and enjoy a healthy diet that helps you save time while not compromising on taste and nutrients.
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Furthermore, we want to help our readers with balancing business and personal life. Since a healthy and happy business starts with a healthy and happy owner. You can find guides, tips, and easy to follow lists about the most amazing gadgets, healthy dishes, drinks, that will help you eat healthier and live a more focused, productive, and happier life. You can find here luxury hotels as well as health and wellness retreats that focus on absolute relaxation where guests can rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul.

Who We are

Hi there, I’m Jella. I’m a web designer and content creator and I worked with various luxury and boutique companies over the years before I started my own business. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with a talented team and a fine group of freelancers over the years. We mainly worked with boutique hotels, and restaurants to help them market their business online, build a strong online presence, and increase their sales.  Over the years we gained experience and insight into different areas of the business from all around the world while working remotely. Working with companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia helped us to continuously improve our skills and build a unique vision.

While we don’t work with clients anymore we’re passionate about helping others build a successful online business. We decided that we want to help other entrepreneurs and small independent business owners create and grow their businesses by learning the required skills themselves and be able to build a happy and successful financially free life.

We’re not only passionate about digital businesses but also about tech, healthy eating, as well as mental and physical health. We’ll also share our favorite dishes, drinks, and geeky gadgets that make our lives healthier, happier, and easier.

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