About Online Triggers

About Online Triggers

Sky’s the limit

We help Businesses, take control of their direct revenue & Manage a profitable online presence


At Online Triggers, we aim to ensure your business opens with a bang and some buzz. We help by implementing incremental tweaks & even steer a train wreck back onto the rails.

As specialists in the hotel and tourism industry we use our in-depth knowledge to identify the challenges & opportunities your business may face and provide a solution.

Our role is to help you attract more guests by creating a unique voice & creative content that reaches your target audience. Secure more direct bookings, and generate more revenue for your hotel.


Who We are

The talent of our team is built from years of dedication and experience in the fields of design, marketing, public relations, IT, and hospitality management with diverse organizations.

Over the years we gained experience and insight into different areas of the business from all around the world. Working with companies in Europe and Asia helped us to continuously improve our skills and build a unique vision.

We pride ourselves on being creative, honest and knowledgeable – and we’ll do everything we can to ensure a positive and profitable partnership with every business we work with.

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