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Explore some of the most thoughtful and elegant business gifts for clients, bosses, and employees they will be thankful for. A special gift can show our appreciation and can make our business relationships stronger and healthier. That’s why it’s important to spend some time on finding the best corporate business gifts for clients and employees.

Finding the right client gifts or bringing a gift to a business grand opening can be stressful but if you find the right gift it’ll be worth it. You can easily get more recognition, get clients to stay with you longer, and employees work happier and more productively.

Thankfully, there are plenty of traditional gifts for business professionals to choose from, and with a bit of extra twist, you can turn a seemingly boring gift into something truly special and thoughtful. Think about what plus your gift will bring in your client’s or partner’s life. Will the gift help them become healthier, more relaxed, help them be more productive, or make the time spent with their loved ones more enjoyable?

With the help of our curated business gift guide, you’ll easily find unique business and corporate gifts that will wow clients no matter what you’re budget is. We included some affordable but special business gift ideas but also included some more pricey executive gift ideas for those who are looking for something more valuable or a collectible item.

Start with a handwritten note and use special Wrapping

Our number one tip for you is to always give a handwritten note with any gift. It doesn’t matter if the note is short, make sure that the whole text is handwritten not just the signature. It will show that you care and it’s also an easy way to make all gifts more personalized.

You can also consider using a special wrap like Furoshiki to make your gifts stand out and feel more special. Not to mention that a nice Furoshiki is a gift itself.

Thoughtful Business Gifts That Will Wow

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top gifts for clients

23. Leader Gift Necklace

Leader Gift Necklace

This elegant Sterling Silver with 18K Rose Gold Vermeil will surely impress your boss. You’ll also get a brilliant gift box and a card you can further personalize. While it’s an elegant and impressive gift it’s also a budget-friendly option that will surely show your boss just how much you appreciate them as a leader.

This beautiful necklace is also one f the best retirement gifts for moms as well you can customize the way you prefer.

22. Happy Boss Day Personalized Docking Station

Happy Boss day Personalized Docking Station

A good quality docking station is one of the most useful and decorative business gift ideas for bosses and clients. It’s a bulletproof idea since everyone will love it. It’s also a budget-friendly item that can look elegant and of high value if you buy it at the right place. You can even personalize it with motivational quotes or inside jokes.

21. Remote Working Gift Box

Working Remote Gift Box

This remote worker gift box is the perfect choice for bosses, clients, and friends who work while on the road. It not only looks amazing but every item is useful and helps the owner become more productive and relaxed. 

20. Personalized Realtor Closing Gift Pack (Not Just For Realtors)

Personalized Realtor Closing Gift Pack

Gift packs are always a good idea and not just for realtors. Gift packs are easily personalizable, and you can choose thoughtful and useful products to make sure your client or boss will fondly remember you for a long long time. You can find brilliant gift packs you can further personalize on Etsy that fit all budgets.

19. New Business Gift Basket

New Business Gift Basket

Looking for the right gift for a new business owner or client? Check out the fantastic offers on Etsy. You can choose from hundreds of quality, hand-made gifts baskets that are easily personalizable too. No matter if you’re looking for something funny, elegant, or classic you’ll find a memorable gift there.

18. Unique Pens

ARTEX Luxury Craft Fountain Pen

Pens are your safest and best bet when it comes to business gifts. It’s a useful and elegant traditional business gift and
ARTEX luxury craft fountain pen is an excellent choice.

It’s a unique fountain pen with an exceptional design and is suitable for women and men. Depending on your taste and budget you can go hire and check out the luxurious Hero 18K gold commemorative fountain pen. Or go lower and try something special like an antique feather copper pen stem metal nibbed pen writing quill.

17. Wrist Watches

Michael Kors Pyper Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

Because it’s never enough of cool and beautiful wrist watches. It’s never been easier to get a stunning watch under $200 that’ll make an elegant, thoughtful, and impressive business gift. Michael Kors Pyper Three-Hand stainless steel watch is an excellent choice if you’re lookng for an elegant minimalist day/dress watch.

However, if you know that your boss or client have a special hobby you can go for any sports watch or dive watches to make this gift stand out even more.

16. Laptop Bags

LaBante London 'Grant' Vegan Leather Carryall Laptop Bag

An elegant laptop bag is a useful and thoughtful gift idea for men and women. You can find gorgeous pieces  uner $200 that’ll surely make its new owner proud and happy.

LaBante London ceates stylish eco-friendly vegan handbags and shoulderbags.

15. Handcrafted Foldable Chess Table with handmade vintage – burnt Parker wood pieces 

Handcrafted Foldable Chess Table - best business gifts for clients

A handcrafted elegant chess set is always a good idea. It’s a useful and beautiful gift which the receiver can use in the office or at home as stunning decor item as well.

Chess can help you sharpen your mind, improve your memory, elevate your creativity, as well as boost creativity and focus. Not to mention it can be an undeniably stunning office decor item too. 

You can choose from various unique and luxuruious chess sets that are also on a budget as well as chess tables on Etsy.

14. Astronomical Telescope

Astronomical Telescope unique business gifts

A gorgeous telescope is one of the most unique and elegant gifts you can give to clients or your boss. It can be a great office decor piece and of course, one can actually use it to see more and learn more about our incredible universe.

We love business gifts that can be used in private life too and a good telescope will surely bring a lot of pleasure and joy in any owners life. While this Ybzx Astronomical Telescope is a more pricey one you can take a quick look around to find the price and the right sized telescope for you.

13. AuKing Portable Mini Projector 

AuKing Portable Mini Projector

A good qality portable mini projector is an excellent gift for people who give a lot of presentation but don’t work from an office. Since AuKing projector is easy it’s easy to just grab it and run around with it all over town and ace those presentations. It’s compatible with Full HD 1080P HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, as well as with laptops and smartphones.

Not to mention that this gift can be used at home as well with friends and family which makes it one of the best multipurpose and thoughtful business gift ideas.

12. Travando Money Clip Wallet

Money Clip Wallet business gifts

If you’re looking for something low-cost but still elegant and thoughtful business gift then you should consider going for a good quality money clip wallet. It’s something that we all use every day and even the better quality ones can get beaten up pretty fast.

It’s a beautiful and useful gift and is giftable for men and women.  Travando creates some of the most beautiful money clip wallets that are functional, slim, stylish, and come with seven card pockets. It also blocks the 13.56 MHz band and protects against data theft by RFID scanners.

11. Personalized Leather Padfolio with zipper

Personalized Leather Padfolio with zipper

An elegant portfolio organizer can make a great business gift for newbie entrepreneurs buy veterans as well who could use an upgrade or just a little change. It’s an excellent gift that will help your go-getter get organized and always be neat.

It’s a large-sized leather case that has a tablet Sleeve, phone, and business card holders as well as other pockets, binders, folders, and sleeves that will help keep everything organized. With it’s elegant design it can make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for both men and women.

10. Special Tea or Tea Set

Teabloom Heart Shaped Flowering Tea - thoughtful business gift ideas

When in search of business gifts, it is best to look for something fairly simple, yet elegant and memorable. This blooming tea is the perfect gift for tea and flower lovers. The little hearts open up in hot water and a beautiful flower blooms in the pot. It can be among the most memorable client gifts if it is given with Teabloom’s stovetop and microwave safe glass teapot that has its own removable loose tea glass infuser. 

There are various beautiful and healthy flowers such as jasmine, rose, strawberry, and pomegranate in the green tea package. Teabloom has exceptional quality and they also provide their products to mixologists and 5-star resorts and hotels.

While the experience itself is beautiful, after the flowers bloomed, they can be dried and used as superb decorations on the coffee table.

Business resources and tools

9. Coffe Table Book

The Man Behind The Maps - thoughtful business gifts for clients

One of the simplest yet best business gifts for employees are coffee table books. They are usually very beautiful and everyone loves to skim through books while waiting or sipping on a hot beverage. Therefore, The Man Behind The Maps is a great pick if looking for a book that is both interesting and artistic.

This book collects James Niehues’ works from his 30-year career. He was a ski resort map painter and it is quite fascinating to see over two hundred famous places from above. Give unique corporate gifts this year and surprise everyone with this great collection. Not just for ski enthusiasts.

8. Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Coffee Break Gift Basket with coffee, homemade baked goods, hostess gift, birthday gift, corporate gift, holiday gift

A great quality gourmet gift basket is always a good idea and a gourmet coffee break gift basket with coffee is a brilliant one. It’s a memorable and thoughtful gift idea that will surely be enjoyed for a long time. This gourmet basket also has homemade baked goods in it which makes it even more perfect.

However, you can, of course, choose various versions such as bigger or smaller baskets to fit the occasion.

7. A Quality Luggage 

DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hard+ Hardside Luggage - best business gifts for travelers

Delsey Paris Chatelet hard-side luggage with spinner wheels is definitely one of the bests gifts for a businessman or businesswoman who travels a lot. While comfort is extremely important on the road, style shouldn’t be neglected either. This fashionable luggage is very light, so travelers can load it fully and still enjoy mobility.

There are three different colors to pick from to ensure it matches the client or associate’s style. Furthermore, there are various sizes as well, so it can either be a carry-on or checked baggage. Thanks to its compartments, business travelers can divide their items comfortably and safely.

However, if you’re looking for handmade luggage you should check out Etsy where you can also find beautiful vintage options as well.

6. Plants & Flowers

AeroGarden Harvest-Black Indoor Hydroponic Garden - best business gifts

Giving a plant or flower can be thoughtful and even unique if you think creatively. For example, the AeroGarden indoor hydroponic garden can give an office kitchen a bit of a design boost while also making the space more relaxing and fun.  However, the new owner can decide to plant anything they might think fits their working environment the best.

There is nothing better to release some pressure than doing a little gardening. While it is fun to see things grow in the office, people can also feel success when finally harvesting. Additionally, being close to nature is always relaxing.

This superb planter is an automatic indoor garden that tells its user when to add water. A pack of gourmet herb seed kit is included, so it’s easy to get started. This pot is definitely among the best gifts for business professionals who don’t have the chance to spend time in nature.

5. Globes & Maps

Replogle Odessa traditional business gifts

Globes have always been popular corporate business gifts since they’re elegant and beautiful and this vintage designed Replogle Odessa Illuminated World Globe makes this traditional business gift more special.

This elegant globe also emits a soft celestial light. It is surely is one of the most thoughtful and elegant business gifts for clients, bosses, or employees.

Every office looks better with a globe in it and if anyone has to pull an all-nighter, then this globe will lighten the mood. Even if the business person wouldn’t like it in their office, the globe can make any study, library, or living room look instantly more elegant.

If you’re looking for a fun globe for your clients they can enjoy with their kids you should this beautiful World Globe with illuminated constellations. However, if you want something traditional and looking for a more valuable globe for collectors or executives you should consider buying this stunning Zoffoli Globe.

4. A Quality Cheese Board 

It is without a doubt among the best corporate gifts because it’s affordable and useful. Make sure you buy a quality board that has new and modern features so even if your client has one they’ll prefer the new one.

House Ur Home offers a fantastic cheese board with ceramic bowls, bamboo charcuterie cutlery knives, server forks, and a wine opener. It also has a number of superb features that ensure comfortable snacking at home or during a nice picnic.

What makes these kinds of business gifts especially great for clients is the fact that they will share it with their loved ones, use it during parties, when eating comfort food, and on romantic dates which hopefully will lead to them associating a lot of positive memory with you and your business.

You can also check out beautiful cheese boards on Etsy that you can also further personalize if you wish.

In case your client is vegan you could gift the board with a beautiful vegan cheese-making cookbook like The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples.

3. A Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug - best business gift ideas for clients

Everyone loves mugs and travel mugs, more so, they have to use them. There is no better surprise than a travel mug with a cool modern design that keeps beverages warm even when you’re on the go. The new Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug doesn’t only look super neat and extremely elegant, but it’s also practical.

If in search of gifts for business professionals, then this one is definitely going to make the cut. Thanks to the charging coaster, it can be charged at work or at home and it has a 3-hour battery time. This temperature control travel mug is definitely one of the best business gifts for employees. What makes it even greater, users can control the temperature from their phones.

2. A Smart Water Bottle

Lightweight Self-Cleaning and Non-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

One of the most useful and cool gifts for clients and bosses is a pro-quality and lightweight self-cleaning water bottle like LARQ. We love LARQ water bottles because they’re made of stainless steel and use innovative non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and clean the inner surfaces of the bottle by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and viruses that provide fresh and safe water to its users in 60 seconds. It also intelligently activates every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.

It’s also long-lasting, BPA and plastic free, and has an elegant design with multiple color choices. Thanks to this smart UV water sanitizer your clients and boss will be able to hydrate safely even on the road and in countries where tap water isn’t safe for drinking. It’s easily one of the best business gift ideas that’s also on a budget and that your client and boss will appreciate regardless of their gender or age.

1. The Gift of Music in New Way

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable - best business gift ideas

Music is another important part of a busy person’s life. It can help us relax and think clearer after a busy day. This extraordinary Audio-Technica Direct-Drive Turntable could make the best corporate business gifts for valued clients. It surely shows appreciation and every blooming business relationship would advance to the next level after giving such a nice gift.

While vinyl is a classic object, this is a modern item that lets music lovers experience the high-fidelity audio of vinyl. It has a fully manual operation and can convert your vinyl records to digital audio files in no time.

In case a business owner is planning to make this year memorable with unique and valuable gifts for employees this player is a great pick.

What is a good business gift?

It really depends on the two people’s relationship, because going too big or too small can quickly make a relationship awkward. It is also good to consider the other’s personality and the type of business they are engaged in. Naturally, it is better to avoid giving a too personal gift, because that could be misunderstood.

Things that should never be given as business gifts

There are a couple of items that are definitely bad ideas to give to your boss, employees, and clients. For example, giving underwear is a terrible idea as it is way too personal even if it’s a joke. Sex gifts are obviously out of question, even as a joke, because it is better to avoid offending others.

Naturally, giving pets as presents is also a bad idea. It is good to avoid making such a big decision for others. 

Although cash is often offered as a kind of bonus for employees, when it comes to expressing gratitude and appreciation, a thoughtful gift is a safer and more elegant solution for all parties involved. Unless the money is officially paid out as a bonus you should consider a gift instead.

elegant gifts for bosses

Thank you for reading!

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