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Explore easy and creative ways to make $100 a day fast online or offline. Learn how to make money online as a beginner from day one the smart way.

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easy Ways To Make $100 a Day Fast

Easy Ways To Make $100 A Day As A Beginner

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Making money online has never been easier. There are so many fun, creative and easy ways you can make $100 a day without any prior experience. What do we mean by easy? You don’t need years of experience or degrees to do these jobs. It’s easy to get started with most of them on day one or you’ll only need a short training to get your new business going.

You can also do any of these great jobs from home or remotely while traveling. There are also many choices for you so you can work as a freelancer or work for companies based on your preferences.

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Learn how to use your creative skills to make money online and to generate a passive income. You can even get started with more than one of these options to generate multiple income streams and to find the one you love the most and that works for you the best.

You’ll find here great ideas and some inspiration that will help you understand your options and help you get started even if you’re a complete beginner.

No need to worry about money either because you don’t even need to invest or have a big budget to get started with most of these opportunities and you can make a full-time income online or while traveling as a newbie in less than a month. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

e-loearning affilaite marketing

15| Train & Take Care Of Pets

_Creative Ways To Make $100 a Day Fast

Dog Training Course

You can’t get enough of spending time with puppies or other animals? Then make some money with it. There are hundreds of sites and apps where you can find pet sitting or pet training jobs. One of the best ways to stand out is if you do a quick training like a dog training course so you can add special skills to your resume and show pet owners you’re the absolute best person to take care of their pets.

You can also save serious money on rent and hotel expenses if you sign up to Trusted Housesitters. You can find short-term pet sitting opportunities for a few days or a week and stay in beautiful homes, castles, and villas while taking care of adorable pets.

However, you can even find long-term pet sitting opportunities for a month or even longer. It’s a great way to save money on rent if you’re about to start your own business and want to save some money.

One of the most fun and easiest ways to make an extra $100 a day is by training or taking care of pets.

14| Chat Assistant

Easy Ways To Make 100 a Day Fast

Chat Assistant Jobs

You don’t need any prior experience or special skills to become a chat assistant. More and more people and companies use live chat on their websites so the demand for live chat assistants is growing. If you love chatting with people and are good at problem-solving then this online money-making job is the right choice for you.

You can search for fun and creative companies to work for and you can work from home or travel the world and work from anywhere in the world. The only thing you’ll need is a good wifi connection and a laptop. Chat assistants usually earn around $20 to $35 per hour so it’s a great way to make some extra cash as a beginner online or remote worker.

You can take a quick and easy online chat assistant training to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd and make sure it’s with a company that helps you work on your CV and helps you find the right chat assistant job for you.

If you’re looking for a great online job to easily make a 100 a day then check out chat assistant jobs.

13|Teach A Language From Home Or While Traveling

Teach Online

The TEFL Institute is one of the best places to learn how to teach a language online because you not only get the necessary papers and skills but they will help you find internships and job opportunities. Thanks to their guidance you’ll be able to confidently get started with your new career and have fun while making money online.

You can find hundreds of online teaching job opportunities on their site but if you want to travel the world and work then you can also get help with finding the best teaching jobs abroad. While English is the best popular language that most students want to learn you can make money teaching online or abroad no matter what your native tongue is.

Their course is are easy and you can get your TEFL certificates in about a week and earn back what you spent on it in a few days while working from home. If you’re not comfortable teaching adults right away you can get started with teaching kids and decide where you go from there.

Teaching a langue online or offline is one of the most fun, easy, and creative ways to make a $100 a day fast even as a beginner.

12| Become A Mystery Shopper

Easy Ways To Make 100 a Day Fast (1)

Mystery Shoppers make about $15-$25 per hour and you don’t need any special skills to be one. It’s one of the hardest jobs you can get since obviously many people would love to earn money while shopping in amazing stores. However, if you go for it and apply for many opportunities it’s a reliable and fun way income source.

You can become an online mystery shopper or register with companies and visit stores, restaurants, and hotels in your own town.

Becoming a mystery shopper is one of the most creative ways you can make $100 a day while doing what you love most.

11| Affiliate Marketing

Easy Ways To Make 100 a Day Fast (2)


What’s affiliate marketing? It’s basically a way to promote products or services online. You can do that through a website, email, or on your social accounts.

One of the best ways to make money online is by becoming an affiliate marketer. It’s super fun and once you know all the steps it’s actually considerably easy. You can scale your affiliate business and make even thousands a week in a year.

You can choose from many different niches and promote products you love and believe in. The most important thing is to choose and promote products or services that are great and what people actually love and find useful. There is no point in creating posts and promoting bad and spammy affiliate products that just get refunded after every sale because then you don’t actually make any money.

Whatever products you choose to promote make sure you try them or do extensive research so you can be sure that whatever you’re promoting will actually make buyers’ life better, happier, and easier.

Affiliate marketing is also the best choice for you if you’re looking for ways to make passive income online. Once you learn how to set up an affiliate site or how to make money with affiliate marketing on your blog and created great and informative posts you can sit back and enjoy the sales rolling in months and even years later. You will have to update the post from time to time to make sure everything runs smoothly but other than that it’s a great way to make passive income online as a beginner and without much investment.

Best Affiliate Programs For beginners:

learn affiliate marketing from John Thornhill

Affiliate marketing is one of the most creative ways you can make $100 and much more a day considerably fast but it does require a bit of a learning curve.

affiliate marketing student results

10| Social Media Jobs

Easy Ways To Make 100 a Day Fast (3)

Social Media Jobs Training

Do you live and breathe social media? Do you know how to create a post people can connect with and react positively to? Then you should consider helping brands find their voice and manage their social accounts.

You don’t need years of experience to get started since there is more demand and you can take a fast social media training program to make sure your CV stands out. Social Media Managers and Consultants make anything from $20 to $100 per hour depending on their skills and experience level.

It’s a fun and creative online job opportunity you can do at home or while traveling the world. You can create content for exciting and inspiring companies and help them grow and reach their target audience through great content. More and more smaller companies are also trying to grow their social accounts that don’t have thousands of dollars to pay per day for big media companies. That’s where you and other social media freelancers come in.

Social media jobs are the best choices for those who love using spending lots of time online and wouldn’t mind making money in the meantime.

9| Play Games

best Ways To Make 100 a Day Fast

Try Online Gaming Classes

Do you love gaming? Then make some money with your favorite hobby. You don’t have to be a super pro gamer to actually make money as a gamer. You can also make money by testing games at home. You’ll need basic gaming skills of course but you probably have that if gaming is one of your hobbies.

You can find hundreds of game testing jobs online you can do in the comfort of your own home. It’s a fun way to make some extra money and in most cases, you can decide when you test so you can even do it as a part-time worker.

Gaming is easily one of the most creative and fun ways to make $100 a day while working online as a beginner.

8| Rent Out Your Place

best Ways To Make 100 a Day Fast (1)

Do you have a great room, apartment, or house? Then you should consider renting it on Airbnb or any other platform you like while you’re on your Holiday. Or do you have an extra room and would love to host people from all over the world to make new and exciting friendships and some extra cash? Then consider becoming a host.

It’s a trusted and tried way to make money and thanks to reliable and beloved companies like Airbnb it’s never been easier. Depending on where you live you can easily make $100 or much more a day instead of leaving your room or flat empty for weeks, months, or even years.

Renting your home or room is a very easy way to earn an extra $100 a day while meeting new people or enjoying your holiday.

7| Review Apps

best Ways To Make 100 a Day Fast (2)

Reviewing Jobs

Do you enjoy writing reviews? Did you know you can actually make money with it while working from home or traveling the world? You can easily make $20-$35 per hour by testing mobile and tablet apps. It’s a great remote working opportunity and you’ll only need a short training to get started.

If you feel like you’re ready then you can just go ahead and search for app reviewing and testing job opportunities on any recruitment websites.

App reviewing is an easy way to make money online and requires no prior experience.

6| Writing & Ghost Writing

Make 100 a Day with writing

Remote Writing Training

Are you good with words but not sure how to make money as a writer? Then check out this great remote writer training program that will teach you all the necessary information you need to find writing jobs and get hired.

More and more companies are hiring remote workers and are looking for writers and ghostwriters to create content for them to reach their existing audience to find new ones. You can work for a specific company and become one of their remote working employees or start working as a freelance writer create a site or register to freelance websites.

Remote writing is a great way to make $100 a day while working from home or traveling around the world.

5| Create Your Online Course

Make 100 a Day with online courses

Looking for a fantastic, creative passive income idea that makes $100 a day or more? Then create online courses. You can pretty much create a course about anything you’re good at. Do you know how to sing, draw, cook, work out at home, garden, teach a language, do graphic design, or have any DIY skills? Then create a fun course or multiple ones and start promoting them on your blog, social media, or freelance sites.

You can even create fun courses for kids and teach them how to read, draw, or basic math skills. The only limit is your creativity.

Creating your own online courses is one of the most creative ways you can make $100 or more online.

4| Start A Blog

Make 100 a Day with blogging

Start Your Blog

You can start a blog about anything you like. Let it be make-up, DIY, gardening, home decor, or cooking. Blogging is still the most popular way to make money online because it’s super easy to get started even as a beginner, you don’t need lots of money to invest, and is a great passive income source once you’ve built up a great blog.

You’ll just have to choose your niche (the thing you want your blog to be focused on) and start creating content. You’ll need a domain name and a good host we recommend SiteGround and a great and easy-to-use WordPress theme like DIVI.

You can monetize your blog in various ways to make money including ads on the site, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. The best is if you create content for all so you’ll have multiple income sources.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Domain Name & Good Hosting – We choose SiteGround because they’re reliable and their customer service is the best.
  • Beginner Friendly WordPress Theme – We love DIVI because it’s super easy to use even for complete beginners and their customer service is great.

Blogging is one of the most creative ways to make money online and earn a full-time income while traveling the world or working from home.

3| Start Selling Online With POD

Make 100 a Day with selling online

Try Printful For Free

Have you ever heard of POD AKA Print On Demand? No? Well, it’s going to be your new favorite way to make money online. But how to make money with print on demand? Good question. It’s actually very easy and you’ll only need two things, well three if you count creativity.

First, you need Canva. Canva is a brilliant graphic design platform that’s super easy to use. You can easily create your text designs or animations even as a beginner. Then you just have to download and place them on mugs, shirts, pillows, pins, or anything else you’d like to sell. Canva has a free and a paid version too. While its free version is great the paid one will offer you almost limitless options to create designs easily you can use to sell your products online. You will also be able to create beautiful pins and other social posts to share your content and to drive free traffic to your posts.

The second thing you’ll need is Printful. Printufl is a fantastic and reliable print-on-demand company that will help you create your designs, make them in their factory, and ship them out to your customers. So, your only job is to create your designs then upload them to their system add them to the products you’d like to sell (mugs, shirts, etc) then upload them to your blog, but you don’t even need your own website because you can start selling your creations on easy to use platforms like Etsy.

You don’t need any special drawing or design skills. You can simply sell mugs or shirts with your favorite motivational, sarcastic, or funny quotes. However, you can go as creative, weird, and wonderful as you like.

Two Things you need to get started:

  • Create your own designs & logo with Canva
  • Sell Your Products With Printo On-Demand Service like Printful

Selling your products with Print On Demand is one of the most creative and easiest ways to make $100 a day online from home or while traveling.

2| Sell Your Photos Online

Make 100 a Day by selling your photos

Earn From Your Photos

Can you make beautiful photos or videos? Then it’s time you start to earn from your photos too. There are hundreds of different sites where you can upload your photos and start selling them. If you feel confident enough you can even start your own photography site or put together a portfolio and start reaching out to clients. You can work as a freelancer or work as a photographer for a company to create product images and content for their social sites, blog, and ads.

Selling your photos or videos is one of the easiest ways you can make money online no matter where you’re from.

1| Sell Crafts woodworking

Make 100 a Day by selling your crafts

Learn Woodworking

Do you enjoy DIY projects and generally love creating? Then start selling your creations online. You can start your own blog or just simply open your store on Etsy.

But what to sell? First, you can make a list of the things you love most. Do you love woodworking, jewelry making, sewing, or pottery? Then do a little bit of research and see what type of products are currently trading on Etsy to make sure your designs will sell.

You can also get woodworking plans to learn how to get started and create your first jewelry boxes, small toys, or furniture and get a good feeling about how to create your own products and how to personalize them to make them feel unique. You can pretty much start selling any and all DIY products and start making money from day one without any prior experience.

As we mentioned above it’s a great choice for creatives who want to make their own jewelry, create woodworking gifts, or any other handmade products.

Best courses & plans to get started:

Selling your hand-made products online is one of the most creative ways to make $100 a day from home.

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