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Here you’ll find our favorite business Masterclasses for entrepreneurs and business owners. Take a one of a kind business Masterclass online to grow & improve faster. Learn new skills from some of the most successful self-made entrepreneurs, business owners, and scientists that will help you understand all aspects of a successful brand and business.

Learn about marketing, advertising, branding, leadership from some of the most successful businessmen and women through engaging stories, guides and get a unique insight into their minds.

We especially love Masterclass online classes because an all-access pass only costs $15 a month or one time $180 per year. You can also buy one online class for $90.

You’ll also get a handy guide book with each and every course that will give you an even deeper understanding of the subjects covered in the video and help you put them into practice.

While dozens of exciting courses can be found on Masterclass these nine are the most valuable and useful for entrepreneurs and business owners.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re just starting a new business or you already have a successful one up and running you’ll find value, usfeul information you couldn’t anywhere else, and inspiring ideas that you can go and actually use from day one to improve your business and even personal life.

Another exciting fact about these business Masterclass lessons that you can get a rare insight into some of these exceedingly successful people’s work-life balance too that can help you find your own healthy rhythm.

8 Exciting business Masterclasses that will help you grow your business

*Disclaimer: Some links on are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase we may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support.

7| Anna Wintour Masterclass: Learn about Creativity & Leadership from Anna Wintour

The most successful female in the rapidly changing world of journalism and fashion Anna Wintour had proven to be a great leader and a visionary.

Her remarkable approach to her work and leadership style can be a model for everyone who are still trying to find their way to the top.

Due to the creative nature of Wintour’s profession, you can get a lot of ideas on how to think outside the box and be unique. No matter if you are in a completely different industry, you will be able to find inspiration and motivation in her Masterclass.

If you, let’s say opened a unique hotel or restaurant, it is very important to keep your eyes on your vision and don’t let yourself detoured.

Watch Anna Wintour’s Masterclass Trailer or Sign up for Masterclass for only $15 a month.

6| Chris Voss Masterclass: Learn about The Art of Negotiation from Chris Voss

When it comes to negotiation most people panic and for a good reason. Being an excellent negotiator can make or brake a business not to meniton its usefulness in all aspects of life. Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss can tell you why this skill is inevitable to success in every day.

Yes, it isn’t only for business people, it is for everyone, who want to make better decisions and get the most out of human interactions.

You can learn to read body language, understand clues and bargain skillfully. Don’t have to mention; a successful entrepreneur or business person has to be on top of their negotiation game.

Watch Chris Voss’ Masterclass Trailer or sign up for Masterclass for only $15 a month.

5| Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein Masterclass: Learn about Advertising & Creativity from Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners advertising agency is one of the biggest in the industry. Throughout their nearly four-decade in the industry, they have changed the meaning of advertising. Partly thanks to them an ad isn’t just trying to sell to the consumers, but talk to them, befriend them.

If you are stuck with great ideas on how to stand out of the growing crowd, it is a superb opportunity to take matters in your own hand and begin learning.

You will also get a better grip on what branding exactly is and how to master this art form.

You are going to look at advertising completely differently after completing this masterclass.

Watch Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein Masterclass Trailer of sign up for Masterclass for $15 a month.

4| David Axelrod and Karl Rove Masterclass: Learn about Campaign Strategy & Messaging from David Axelrod and Karl Rove

Even if you are not the path to becoming a politician, there is a thing or two to leverage from the two most experienced American political consultants.

In business, just as well in many other parts of life, other people’s perception of you is crucial for success especially when you’re building a personal brand. If you are not charismatic enough, you stand less chance. In case you don’t always know what to say, a lot of opportunities can be wasted.

David Axelrod, advisor to Barack Obama and Karl Rove working for George Bush have accumulated a tremendous amount of experience that all await to be passed on to you.

Watch David Axelrod & Karl Rove’s Masterclass trailer or sign up for Masterclass for $15 a month.

3| Howard Schultz Masterclass: Learn about Business Leadership from Howard Schultz

Starbucks CEO of over twenty years will most certainly be able to pass on some wisdom for every aspiring successful business person. If you are looking to up your game, especially in such a difficult period of time, Howard Schultz can help you make powerful decisions.

The CEO of the American giant is also known to be a philanthropist and that is reflected in his managerial method and decision-making strategy. Nothing is more important than taking good care of your employees to maintain a healthy work environment that supports workers.

After all happy employees result in higher productivity and better costumer service.

Watch Howard Schultz’s Masterclass trailer or sign up for Masterclass for $15 a month.

2| Sara Blakely Masterclass: Learn about Self-Made Entrepreneurship from Sara Blakely

Self-made billionaire Sara Blakely is going to be next go-to person for people wanting to show off their ideas in the cruel world of business.

It is not easy to get yourself heard even if you have an idea you are confident to be hit. What can you do if you feel like an inventor but don’t have a product idea yet? Blakley can help you with inspiration as well.

While sharing her experience, you can learn how to kick off with a superb idea, how to get inspired and what makes a successful entrepreneur.

She had a quite interesting road to success and now we are lucky enough to have it told by someone, who started with fairly little and reached the stars.

Watch Sara Blakely’s Masterclass trailer or sign up for Masterclass for $15 a month.

1| Bob Iger Masterclass: Learn about Business Strategy & Leadership from Bob Iger

Walt Disney chairman and former CEO Bob Iger is a very important figure of the rich and colorful history of the mass media giant. Thanks to him an unpredicted growth had taken place enabling Disney to acquire such huge franchises and companies as Lukas films and Pixar.

You are going to learn business management, leadership and branding at the highest possible level.

Each lesson can be applied to whatever business you are trying to sky rocket while becoming a much more aware person in general.

By the end of the class you are going to have a better understanding of why taking risks is important. Furthermore, how to take risks that are more likely to gain profit for you.

Watch Bob Iger’s Masterclass trailer or sign up for Masterclass for $15 a month.

Two extra exciting Business Masterclasses you should consider

Paul Krugman Masterclass: Learn about Economy & Society from Paul Krugman

As a useful extra we thought to add Nobel Prize winner in Economics Paul Krugman’s masterclass. It is always beneficial to know as much about economics as possible in order to get the most out of your business, to see how the world is changing and be able to adjust accordingly.

From the basics to a bit more serious depths Krugman goes into problems and solutions so viewers can get a better understanding into how and what is going on in the world of money.

By understanding the economy better, you can grasp your consumers’ and employees’ needs better.

Watch Paul Krugman’s Masterclass trailer or sign up for Masterclass for $15 a month.

Dr. Jane Goodall Masterclass: Learn about Conservation from Dr. Jane Goodall

World renown primatologist and anthropologist has raised her voice many times on various platforms to prompt people to be more environmentally conscious.

Why is this Masterclass relevant for a business owner or manager? We are in a time and age, where everyone has to do their part and be as conscious as possible. It matters what products you use and how you dispose of waste and so on.

Changing the world starts with you making the right decision and taking the right action.

Find out how you can make a change and what is the most effective way to help others step on the right track.

Watch Dr. Jane Goodall’s Masterclass trailer or sign up for Masterclass for $15 a month.

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