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A curated list of the best wellness retreats in the UK offering unique experiences & treatments in a luxurious and relaxing environment. If you’re looking for a soothing and exceptional wellness retreat you’re at the right place. We collected the best wellness retreats from around the Uk where you can relax, recharge, and get healthier both physically and mentally.

We included places that offer day programs but also ones that you can enjoy for several weeks and get to work on yourself full-time. You’ll find here breathtaking eco-friendly glamping wellness retreats, yoga retreats by the sea. Retreats in castles, in the middle of fairytale-like forests, and of course in some of the most luxurious and well-equipped wellness retreats in the UK.

No matter if you wish to visit a remote location by the sea somewhere in Cornwall, want to explore nature in Wales, or go on adventures in the Scottish highlands you’ll find here what you’re looking for. Do you prefer staycations? Explore the best wellness retreats in and around London where you’ll be able to recharge mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Best Wellness Retreats in the UK

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best wellness retreats in the uk

10. Thera Sea, Newquay, England, UK

thera sea - best wilderness wellness resort in the uk

After a stressful period at work, there is nothing better than going off-grid for a couple of days. Thera Sea was founded by Katy Griffin, who has vast experience in mental health. She worked at clinics for over twelve years and figured she could put it into use to help working individuals.

The main idea is to help people reconnect with nature through physical activities. Furthermore, Katy aims to create an environment where busy people can spend a few days to regain balance in life. While staying there, guests get to eat and sleep healthy as well.

They cover various topics including self-regulation and the brain; the biology of stress, different types of stress, and how to alleviate them. But you will be learning about healthy sleeping habits or how to stay calm in a busy and stressful environment among many other important topics.

Thera Sea can be found in rural Cornwall, about 260 miles from London. It’s one of the best wellness resorts in the UK and perfect for those who are looking for an off-grid rewilding adventure and want to work on their mental health and inner calm.

9. The Gleneagles Hotel & Spa, Auchterarder, Scotland, UK

About an hour’s drive north of Edinburgh, business travelers can find a great wellness resort in Auchterarder. The glamorous Gleneagles is the perfect choice for those who enjoy high-end customer service and prefer to have everything taken care of for them.

There is a well-equipped gym, a large pool, and a spa, where guests can enjoy a soothing massage. They also offer various wellness programs including a nature-based that will renew your mind, body, and soul. Additionally, there is a beauty salon as well, where both male and female guests are welcome for a makeover from top to bottom.

The rooms are sumptuous and you’ll surely enjoy exploring and trying their ten delicious restaurants. Gleneagles also has its own golf course and is surrounded by beautiful nature where guests can fish or horseback ride among many other relaxing and revitalizing activities.

Gleneagles is a luxurious 5-star hotel with a stunning wellness spa and is the perfect choice for those who want to relax in a splendid environment.

8. The Mandrake Hotel, London, England, UK

mandrake - spiritual wellbeing session - best retreats in the uk

Sometimes getting out from the everyday routine can help to rejuvenate after a long period of hard work. There are few better places than the Mandrake right in the heart of London.

Besides the luxurious rooms, there are many services they offer to help business people relax and heal spiritually. They have various packages such as the Soul Reset or the Soul Awakener which help relax and forget about all troubles. However, if you prefer to spend time alone you can opt for a spiritual wellbeing session in the comfort of your room too.

The Mandrake has a fascinating and relaxing design and even simply sitting in their naturally designed garden could help put behind all the hassle and bustle.

They also offer an extensive healthy and delicious menu.

The Mandrake is perfect for those who are looking for private wellbeing sessions or a quick but rejuvenating spiritual staycation in London.

7. Y42 5-Day Post-Lockdown Inspired Yoga Retreat for Mental Health, Dymchurch, England, UK

5 Day Post Lockdown Inspired Yoga Retreat for Mental Health UK

Y42 is a beautiful 5* rated Beach Sun Retreat only less than 100 miles from London.

Their groups are personalized and small while their packages include various treatments and workshops that will help your body and mind transform and relax. You’ll learn how to build healthy daily habits and learn about how to reprogram and boost your mind and body. You can also take various Yoga classes including general Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and Dynamic Yoga.

They also offer delicious and healthy nourishing dishes perfect for vegans.

The Y42 Retreats are perfect for those who want to stay near a beautiful beach, boost their energy levels, and strengthen their mindfulness. Y42 is one of the best wellness retreats in The Uk near London.

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6. 8-Day Wellness & Detox Retreat in the Beautiful Countryside, Glass House Retreat, Upminster, England, UK

Glass House Retreat, Upminster, England, UK

The Glass House offers various tailor-made detox and wellness retreat experiences less than an hour from London. You can choose from various programs depending on your taste and free-time.

The Glass House not only has relaxing rooms but a top-notch fitness facility, and you can also enjoy various spa treatments that nourish the soul and body. The Glass House is also a sustainable wellness center since it’s an eco-friendly build, with solar panels, a ground source heat pump, and rainwater recycling technology.

They also have plant-based dietary plans that help with detoxing and weight loss. You can try group programs or get personal trainers and specialists if you prefer to relax and recharge by yourself.

The Glass House is the perfect choice for those who prefer big countryside walks and luxurious but sustainable wellness centers where one can experience solitary or group programs.

5. The Clover Mill Ayurveda, Yoga, & Spa Retreat, Malvern, England, UK

The Clover Mill Ayurveda, Yoga, & Spa Retreat, Malvern, England, best wellness retreat UK

The Clover Mill offers B&B stay as well as relaxing eco-lodges where you can enjoy nature and privacy.

You can go on various workshops where you’ll get a deeper understanding of your dosha type and how to boost your immune system from a totally holistic view. But you can also explore the similarities between yoga and knitting.

The Clover Mill also offers various retreats including a healthy gut retreat, Ayurveda & yoga retreats but they also have a day spa, yoga, treatments reflexology, Pregnancy Massage treatments among many others.

Guests can also cleanse and detox through their freshly prepared dishes without unrefined sugar and can opt for gluten-free and vegan options.

The Clover Mill Retreat is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind close to nature where they can heal through yoga, meditation, healthy meals, and massages while focusing on gut and mental health.

4. 7-Day Transformation Retreat for Couples in Wales, UK

7 Day Transformation Retreat for Couples in Wales UK

If you’re looking for a self-development wellness retreat for couples then you should consider visiting this excellent retreat in the middle of a charming Welsh forest.

You will get to work on finding your inner peace and rediscovering yourselves and each other to reconnect. With specialized workshops, yoga classes, personalized coaching, organic vegan meals, massages. At this stunning location, you’ll also get a full guide on how to work on yourselves together. It’s a charming organic farm where you will be surrounded by peaceful nature.

It’s the perfect choice for those who are interested in self-development retreats and would love to experience it with their partners.

3. 3-Day Luxurious Glamping and Yoga Retreat in North Devon, UK

3 Day Luxurious Glamping and Yoga Retreat in North Devon, UK

The Loveland Farm Eco Retreat is a unique and inspiring space where sustainability and luxury walk hand in hand. You can enjoy luxurious and private geo domes as well as larger eco pods that can be shared by up to four people.

You’ll find these gorgeous glamping wellness retreat on the Hartland Peninsula that’s part of the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere. Which makes it the perfect place to unplug, relax, and recharge under the starry sky.

You can enjoy Thai massages, yoga classes, and eat nourishing vegan meals including brunches and afternoon teas. During your free time, you can take long walks, swim in the sea, or in their indoor saltwater heated pool.

The Eco Retreat is easily one of the best wellness retreats in the UK and is perfect for those who prefer responsible travel and want to experience a wellness retreat set in a stunning glamping location with luxurious geo pods and a breathtaking stargazer.

2. 6-Day EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga + Creativity Retreat in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

6 Day EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga + Creativity Retreat in Scotland, uk

You can experience a fairytale come to life at this magical yoga retreat that takes place in the beautiful Scottish countryside and in Scotland’s oldest inhabited castle. Dalhousie Castle hotel is less than an hour’s drive from Edinburgh so you’ll have no problem getting there.

Enjoy yoga classes between the ancient walls of the castle and feed your curiosity while discovering secrets about its fascinating past. They also offer healthy gourmet meals which you can enjoy in a dungeon or high tea. however, you can also try falconry, or explore the highlands or take a tour around Edinburgh.

Among many other exciting programs, you can also enjoy their excellent spa day and learn about travel journal creation. It’s the perfect place to become stronger mentally and find inner peace in a fairytale-like location.

Dalhousie Castle hotel wellness retreat is perfect for those who want to reconnect and recharge in an ancient Scottish castle surrounded by nature but want to stay comfortably close enough to Edinburgh.

1. Homefield Grange Luxury Health & Wellness Spa Retreat, Rushton, England, UK

Homefield Grange Luxury Health & Wellness Spa Retreat, Kettering, England, UK- best wellness retreats in the uk

Homefield Grange is one of the best wellness retreats in the UK with a beautiful spa where guests can enjoy weight loss, detox, stress release programs in a luxurious and calming environment.

Guests can enjoy various treatments focused on wellness, good health, and nutrition. Homefield Grange offers detox therapies, body wraps, massages, bathing rituals, facials, holistic rituals, rasul, and visitors can even enjoy hammam among many other treatments.

Their health Kitchen also has a healthy and delicious menu that’s focusing on gut health and nutrition.

Homefield Grange is the best choice for those who want to experience a wellness retreat in a simple, calming, but luxurious environment where all their wellness needs will be taken care of in a heartbeat.

the best wellness retreats in the uk

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