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We collected the best Luxury Travel Destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. These luxurious destinations are perfect for business travelers who want to experience lush & extravagant experiences.

Business Travelers have an excellent variety of cities to choose from upon deciding where to travel. There are amazing locations where you open your first or next business. These are also great choices to plant your own flag as an ex-pat.

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We wanted to show some of our favorite cities that won over us and our business partners as well over the years. When choosing a luxurious travel destination for your business meeting and team-building retreat there’re many points to consider. For example, you should consider not only your needs and taste but your business partners’ as well.

No matter if you’re looking for futuristic cities, cultural hubs, or historical settings you’ll find something here.

7| Paris, France | Luxury Travel Destination in Europe

Lurxury travel destinations in europe (Small)

One of the most popular luxury travel destinations is Paris. This historic city boasts of history, remarkable architecture, and of course, it is one of Europe’s most beloved business destinations. It has been the main hub for artists and art lovers for centuries. You can find high-end business hotels, that can definitely cater to all needs one might have.

Paris is also the world’s most romantic city and is a perfect place if you plan on taking your loved ones to enjoy a little ‘us’ time.

Speaking of romantic, you can also consider celebrating your matrimony at the most desired spot of all luxury wedding destinations. There are fantastic luxury hotels in the city center, where your wedding can be even more memorable than anywhere else on our planet.

You can plan a city break at one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations to recharge before getting back to business. Paris is a walking city, where you can explore beautiful cobbled streets. Indulge in hundreds of museums exhibiting breathtaking collections and taste the famous French cuisine.

Some of the most luxurious restaurants in the world can be found right at the doorstep of your hotel. Paris is deservedly very popular in business traveler circles as it is very well linked to the whole world while you can rest and blow some steam off as well.

6| London, UK | Luxury Travel Destination in Europe

London best business travel destinations (Small)

There aren’t many luxury destinations like London. You are going to quickly realize that London has a unique charm that cannot be mistaken for any other city.

Even if you’re on a short business trip and only have a little time you should go out and explore. You don’t even need to look at travel guides, just step out of your hotel and start walking. There are plenty of lovely parks, lively streets, and artistic corners, that are going to help you ease stress and make your stay more memorable. London also has excellent business travel shows and events where you can network. Additionally, London is an excellent location if you want to attend TED business talks.

There is no surprise when it comes to style, there are a good number of luxury hotels in London that fits the bill. London is one of the business capitals of our planet and its hospitality industry managed to pick the best of all nations’ approaches to the business.

This cosmopolitan city is home to a large number of fine restaurants and bars from all around the world where you can conduct business meetings on a whole new level. Therefore, if you are looking for luxury dining experiences in London, you won’t have much trouble.

In case you’re into Glamping and have more time on your hand you should check out London’s immediate areas. Because luxury camping or glamping lovers have everything they need there. Also not far from London, down in Dorset, you can find amazing luxury suites.

For sustainable luxury travel options, London is definitely a great choice as more and more brands are turning their businesses fully sustainable.

5| Florence, Italy | Luxury Travel Destination in Europe

Firenze luxury travel destinations on europe (Small)

Tuscany’s capital is unquestionably a gem in the subterranean country of Italy. It has been the favorite city of many business travelers for centuries.

You can find dozens of historic luxury hotels in the city, while also having the opportunity to try fine wines and dishes the region is so proud of.

Don’t forget to visit the iconic Duomo and the glorious Uffizi Gallery. You should also take at least a short walk on the picturesque Ponte Vecchio among the many things you can enjoy in this stunning cultural city.

But you can also find some hidden spots, which are very exclusive, such as the private luxury dining experience on the nearly 700-year old bridge Ponte Vecchio.

Out of the luxury vacation destinations we listed, Florence is the most historic one, where you feel like walking in an open-air museum.

Florence is another famously romantic city. Many people visit from all over the world to say their vows at one of the world’s most remarkable luxury wedding destinations. You can plan a truly memorable luxury honeymoon in Europe if you want to mix business with pleasure.

In case you’re looking for the best luxury hotels in Florence, Italy check out our guide to the most outstanding and unique hotels in town.

Best Luxury Business Hotels in Florence, Italy

3| Horto Convento
2| Hotel Calimala
1| Arte’ Boutique Hotel

4| Bali, Indonesia | Luxury Travel Destination in Asia

Bali best luxury travel destinations in asia (Small)

Not just books and movies, but personal experiences created such a buzz around the Indonesian paradise, which is now an entrepreneurial hub. You can find luxury retreats that will certainly give you a good boost before getting back home.

It’s also a great place to stay for short or long term if you’re just starting a business. It’s very likely you’ll meet plenty of like-minded business owners who are doing the same thing as you.

Bali one of the most ideal luxury destinations because of its kind people and beautiful architecture. Furthermore, you’ll find here stunning beaches, the unique culture, and the constant presence of nature.

You can find luxury resorts that will look after your needs making you feel like a royal. Try local delicacies while enjoying the breathtaking view of the mountains and explore the lush slopes of the island.

No doubt it is among the most popular luxury beach destinations as everything is perfect there. You can sit back and enjoy the calm beaches, or find a wavy corner where you can up your surfing game. Bali is also quickly becoming a vegan travel destination haven as well as turning into a more sustainable destination every year.

Bali is Asia’s most favored luxury destination with superb experiences you can try and rice terraces everyone loves.

Best Luxury Business Hotels in Bali, Indonesia

3| Eastin Ashta Resort Canggu
2| Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa
1| Natya Resort Ubud

3| Kyoto, Japan | Luxury Travel Destinations in Asia

Kyoto best luxury travel destinations in asia (Small)

Kyoto is topping Japan’s list of luxury business destinations because this city is perfectly versatile. You can go out for a historic walk around Gion area or sit in one of the many restaurants and business centers around the beautiful city.

Naturally, business travelers have plenty of options for formal dining, however, we find Kyoto such an ideal city for luxury travelers as well. While Tokyo is larger Kyoto has a certain elegance and power to it.

Winter in Japan and Kyoto can be charmingly snowy, while spring brings the famous blossoming trees. Summer offers fun activities and great weather while walking around Kyoto during fall feels like you’re looking at a painting.

Moreover, you can try succulent Japanese dishes at luxury restaurants with fantastic views and even entertainment.

With all the traditional luxury hotels in Kyoto, we are certain you are going to have a grand time in Japan.

Best Luxury Business Hotels in Kyoto, Japan:

2| The Thousand Kyoto
1| Luxury hotel SOWAKA

2| Singapore | Luxury Travel Destinations in Asia

singapore best business destinations in asia (Small)

Singapore is the Asian hub for luxury travel and hotels especially if you love modern cities with a futuristic look. There you can find some of the most opulent hotels in the world.

While business travelers love this city as well. For those who seek modern luxury destinations, it is definitely going to be a favorite.

Singapore has plenty to offer despite its small size. Furthermore, the city is remarkably packed with high-quality restaurants and eateries, many of which even been awarded a Michelin star.

Wherever you step in the microstate, you will find a celebrity chef’s restaurant, where the best bites can be tried.

If you had enough of the glamorous city, you can find some particularly special experiences. Luxury camping in Singapore is quite big, so you can find some getaway options if you feel you lost touch with nature.

1| Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Luxury Travel Destinations in the Middle East

Dubai best luxury travel destinations in middle east (Small)

Middle East’s flagship, Dubai is certainly every business and luxury traveler’s dream. You can find the most alluring shops and of course luxury hotels that exceed every expectation.

Because of Dubai’s ambitious approach to hospitality, five stars aren’t enough anymore to describe what is the best service in hotels.

You can sleep at the bottom of the world’s tallest building at Armani Hotel Dubai in Burj Khalifa. However, to enjoy the view from 555 meters, you have to sit out for a drink.

The whole city was planned and built for the convenience of luxury travelers. You can find everything there is to desire, beautiful beaches, fine dining restaurants, the best rooftop bars, and even an ice rink.

It is very likely you cannot name a thing, Dubai cannot offer, making it one of the most desired luxury beach holiday destinations.

The country and Dubai are very competitive, it is not a question why they are among the leaders of sustainable luxury travel destinations too. In Dubai, you can take your business meetings or team-building retreats to a whole new level too.

Best Luxury Business Hotels in Dubai, UAE

3| Address Boulevard 
2| Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai
1| Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai

What’s your favorite luxury travel destination?

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